10 Powerful Women of the Mindfulness Movement: 2022

In our fourth annual focus on women leaders of the mindfulness movement, ten women share what they’ve learned about living a life of meaning and purpose and how cultivating happiness fits into the equation.

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In every walk of life, women are broadening and deepening the definition of “power.” So-called “soft skills” like compassion, empathy, kindness, and forgiveness, once seen as feminine—read, weak—are being rewritten as essential ingredients for thriving, success, and even happiness. In our fourth annual Powerful Women of the Mindfulness Movement feature, we asked 10 women, chosen by their peers, to share with us what power looks like in their lives, and how happiness arises for them. Here, they share what they’ve learned about purpose, community, connection, and how mindfulness can change the world.

Care for Everyone Meena Srinivasan

Mentor, Teacher, Ancestor

“What kind of ancestor am I willing to be?” Meena Srinivasan credits her teacher Larry Ward with inviting her to contemplate this essential question. For Srinivasan, there’s immediate personal resonance—she has a young son. But she knows her role as an ancestor is broader than her family. 

Srinivasan is the executive director of Transformative Educational Leadership, cofounded by Linda Lantieri and Daniel Rechtschaffen. Like Lantieri, Srinivasan is an educator guided by the principles of Social Emotional Learning, and like Lantieri, she believes in the power of mindfulness to change lives—especially…

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About the author

Amber Tucker

Amber Tucker is a senior editor at Mindful Magazine. Originally from western Newfoundland, she currently lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with her partner, two cats, and assorted rodents.

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Ava Whitney-Coulter

Ava is a writer and digital content creator who draws on a diverse background in her role as an associate editor. Her education is in journalism and her work experience ranges from commercial fishing to serving, but no matter what she’s doing, she brings her adventurous spirit and passion for storytelling. On the weekends, you can find her exploring the great outdoors of Nova Scotia (ideally near the ocean), doing yoga, or reading.

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Kylee Ross

With a background in journalism, Kylee has honed her storytelling and digital content skills in several roles. She worked as a copywriter, public relations coordinator, copy editor, and social media coordinator in the Montreal area before joining Mindful. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, doing yoga, reading, and exploring Nova Scotia.

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Oyinda Lagunju

With an educational background in biology and previous experience as an academic writer, Oyinda has always shown a great affinity for wellness and well-being, an interest she has brought to her role as an associate editor at Mindful. Adept at various forms of digital content creation, Oyinda has the ability to use various mediums to highlight an issue. As a breakfast enthusiast with her head in the clouds, you can find her either at brunch or thinking about brunch.

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Stephanie Domet

Stephanie Domet is the author of two novels and a nonfiction book for middle grade readers. She’s the cofounder of the AfterWords Literary Festival and a contributing editor for Mindful. She lives in Kjipuktuk/Halifax, where she is, indeed, grateful to be alive, in the best way.