11 Ways to Finally Stop Procrastinating

The urge to put off daunting tasks can be difficult to overcome. In this 13-minute video from Big Think, author and podcaster Tim Ferriss shares a few easy ways to spark productivity and stop procrastination in its tracks.


That daunting work project, a home renovation that’s been waiting to happen, a really difficult conversation. Everyone has things that they put off until the very last minute. The good news is: Procrastination is normal. The even better news is: There are ways to shift this habit and stop procrastinating for good.

In this 13-minute video, Tim Ferriss from Big Think shares 11 approaches he has found useful for overcoming procrastination.

11 Ways to Stop Procrastinating for Good 1. Focus on Long-Term Happiness

Dan Ariely, a Psychology and Behavioral Economics professor at Duke University, says we often choose to do things that will offer momentary happiness before working on a more long-term goal—a goal that is difficult or complex to achieve. Once we shift our focus on those long-term achievements, we can start the meaningful process of working toward them.

It’s like running a marathon, Ariely says. While you’re running, you may be in pain and look miserable but when you’re finished, you get to reap the benefits of feeling accomplished and successful.

2. Give Yourself Mini Assignments

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