12 Mindful Books and 3 Podcasts to Tune into Self-Compassion

Whether it’s learning to eschew the extremes of self-judgments or waking up your sense of wonder, each of these books and podcasts can give you the tools to thrive right now.

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1. Expansive Leadership

Cultivating Mindfulness to Lead Self and Others in a Changing World

Latha Poonamallee, PhD • Routledge

We live in a world that’s diverse, complex, and constantly changing, and with all those changes comes a call to shift our leadership styles. Expansive leadership, as Dr. Latha Poonamallee explains, “is an invitation to explore how to be a leader in an expansive, inclusive, robust, and resilient way.” As Chair of Faculty of Management and University Fellow at the New School in New York City, Poonamallee can help leaders usher in this new era of change with kindness, self-reflection, curiosity, and mindfulness. 

While there are a lot of leadership books out today, Poonamallee successfully uses various guides and exercises to differentiate hers from the rest. This 28-day journey, filled with daily journal prompts, meditations, and a reminder to “be kind and cultivate a curious mind,” allows you to create space for deep reflection and gives you the tools to enact change in yourself and your teams. 

Think mindfulness could benefit your organization, but you’re not sure where to start? Poonamallee demystifies the role of mindfulness in leadership and provides a…