2011 Going Green Awards Given

The National Resource Defence Council (NRDC) has announced the winners of its 2011 Going Green Awards.

This year winners included a "renegade lunch lady" a berry farmer and the CEO of a company that develops environmentally responsible bio-pesticides.

The awards recognize farmers, food producers and promoters of sustainable food. Frances Beinecke, the president of the NRDC says she's seen "an explosion of interest in healthy, sustainable food," since the launch of the Going Green Awards in 2009.

The Growing Green Awards, described as a celebration of sustainable agriculture, are given out in four categories: Food Producer, Business Leader, Knowledge Leader, and Young Food Leader.

The NRDC says the awards "recognize extraordinary contributions that advance ecologically integrated farming practices, climate stewardship, water stewardship, farmland preservation, and social responsibility from farm to fork." Read more about the NRDC and award winners here.