You Already Know Your Passion—Here’s How to Reveal It

These three mindful investigation practices can help you uncover your passion, identify your obstacles, and align your path with your purpose.

boxerx/Adobe Stock

Everyone these days is told again and again to “live our passion.” But what if you don’t know what you’re passionate about? With a little mindful investigation, your passion will start to reveal itself, because when you quiet the mind you can hear what your awareness already knows. Then, you can confidently make decisions about whether to pursue that job that engages you on every level or explore interests that feed your soul—you can feel in alignment with your very purpose.

Here are some tips for unearthing your hidden passion.

3 Ways to Uncover Your Passion 1) Clarify your values

What really matters to you in life? What do you believe in? What brings you the most joy or lights you up? It could be exploring new places, family, justice, or supporting the arts, as examples.

A Mindfulness Practice for Exploring What You Value:

Think of an object related to your values and how it might be utilized in a job or hobby. Sit quietly, breathe in and out, holding the object in…