3 Ways Unlearning Bias Would Benefit Everyone

This short video with Anu Gupta explains why the rising tide of racial equity will uplift all members of society.

Image by melita / Adobe Stock

Unconscious bias carries heavy social, emotional, and even economic costs. But the stereotypes and ideas that fuel these consequences are just that—ideas, not facts. 

In this seven-minute video, Anu Gupta, founder and CEO of BE MORE with Anu, explores what we can collectively gain by facing our unconscious biases.

What We Gain by Recognizing Our Biases 1. We can be truly present with one another.

“There is nothing inherent about bias.” Gupta says. No one is born thinking that certain skin colors, social classes, or genders equate to attractiveness, worthiness, or success. It is, instead, the media we consume, the people and culture surrounding us, and the stereotypes we accept as true that wrongfully shape the ideas we have about other people. 

“People aren’t seeing one another. We aren’t seeing one another. We’re seeing ideas of one another.” Gupta says. In order for us to move toward a world where we are truly present with the people around us, as they really are—not mixed up in the ideas we craft—we must each acknowledge our unconscious biases.

2. We can close the wage gaps, and address other inequities.

The most important reason to close wage gaps is that…