4 Tips for Emotional Well-Being While Staying at Home

These pandemic days at home aren’t easy. Poet Tanya Davis reminds us that we’re not alone, and inner resilience is always available to us.

Image by Africa Studio / Adobe Stock

Canadian poet Tanya Davis recently put out a new videopoem in collaboration with filmmaker Andrea Dorfman: How to Be At Home. Coming a decade after Davis’s and Dorfman’s award-winning piece How to Be Alone, this more recent adaptation feels just right for these days of quarantine and almost bottomless uncertainty. Her poetry feels so here-and-now that it’s easy to imagine it’s written just for us. Her softly insistent voice is not only deeply soothing, but she offers us sound advice and a boatful of compassion as we live through these stormy times together—even while social distancing. 

How to Be at Home

Here are just a few snippets of the poetic wisdom that Davis’s poem offers:

1. Go Inward 

Right from the start of the poem, Davis doesn’t mince words in addressing the perennial challenge of coping with anxious and fearful thoughts. “If you are, at first, really f*cking anxious, just wait. It’ll get worse. And then you’ll get the hang of it.” Our emotions are a journey, and no matter how bad we feel one moment, we can know they’ll always change. Sometimes, keeping ourselves busy is the best thing to do:…