5 Steps to Boost Your Confidence

A mindfulness practice to bring out confidence and ease.

master1305/Dollar Photo Club

The ability to see life as a classroom with a learning mindset can turn obstacles or setbacks into opportunities to grow and gain confidence. Try these five steps to uncover confidence within.

1. Notice any limiting beliefs that say you can’t do something.

2. In that moment, notice you’re awake and have the ability to see and do things differently.

3. Notice if there is any fear there. Meet it with self-compassion, and say to yourself, “Breathing in, I’m aware of this fear. Breathing out, may I be at ease.”

4. Respond with a learning mindset. You might say, “I’ve tried this before and it hasn’t worked for me, but this is a new moment, and maybe I can learn something from it.”

5. Keep trying. Just like riding a bike, as you intentionally practice and repeat this, your confidence will continue to grow.

A learning mindset isn’t about achieving; it’s about aspiring to keep getting better and better. When obstacles arise, instead of falling prey to our limiting beliefs that we “can” or “can’t” handle what life throws at us, we can be curious and open. We can use our experience as our teacher. You can’t pass or fail, because life is a continuous process of growth.