5 years of Mind the Moment

Harvard Pilgrim's Tara Healey on the organization's groundbreaking mindfulness program and her own mindfulness practice.

This year, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care will celebrate five years of its "Mind the Moment" program, which encourages people to practice mindfulness so that they may better tap into their own strength to manage stress, increase focus and stay healthy. There's even a Mind the Moment program for your workplace, "offered in a variety of formats, ranging from a one-hour introductory session to a seven-week course."

Here Tara Healey, founder of the MTM program, discusses why she does it, and introduces Harvard Pilgrim's new mindfulness "e-Learning" class. (Healey was also a presenter at last Fall's Creating a Mindful Society conference in New York.) Read on and follow the link to e-Learning below for more.

When did you first become interested in mindfulness and/or meditation?

In high school… I was curious about why some kids were happy and others struggled. My interest was in human behavior and how the mind worked, although I wouldn't have used that language then. Little did I know that I was on to something that would become a lifelong endeavor.

What happened from there?

Fast forward to 1987. One day while browsing a bookstore in Boston, I ended up buying Seeking…