7 Exercises to Help You Journal Your Way to Mindfulness

Not sure how to start a mindful writing or journaling practice? Here are seven expert-recommended writing tips to help you find yourself on the page and navigate life with greater clarity.

Ilonka eva/Adobe Stock

Journaling has been around for decades as a way of writing our thoughts, keeping track of events, or simply jotting down memories so we don’t forget. Scientific studies have shown that journaling is a powerful tool to foster and promote resilience, increase motivation and self-awareness, and achieve mindfulness. It allows us to be in the present moment, work through difficult emotions, gently acknowledge our feelings, and gain the clarity to make rational decisions. 

When I became a social worker, I asked all of my clients to write down their feelings, thoughts, and emotions. I knew the benefits associated with journaling, but very rarely could I get them to actually do it. I noticed that even though some of my clients knew about journaling, they thought of it as writing in a diary, something only children or younger people use. Meanwhile, those who were open to the idea reported feeling intimidated by the process and often asked how to start journaling. I decided to embark on my own journaling challenge to find ways that my clients could practice journaling, come to enjoy it, and experience the benefits associated with it. 

Journaling is not one-size-fits-all, and…