7 Mindful Writing Prompts to Foster a Deeper Connection with Yourself

This is an opportunity for reflection—without judgment. Explore seven writing prompts that encourage us to connect with who we are.

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Sometimes the hardest thing about having a mindfulness or meditation practice is just making time. With 24 hours in a day, things to do, places to be, people who need us, things we need to take care of, we all ask ourselves, how do we make time? What I found is I can’t overthink it or it won’t happen.

Take a deep breath right now. That’s the practice. Imagine if every day you found moments to breathe, to reflect, to be more present. 

Breathe and Reflect 

As you pause to take one of those deep breaths, maybe you’re already reflecting on how you’re showing up in the world, what you’re letting people see, and what you’re not letting people see. Where can you begin to be more of yourself?

Dive into self-reflection about who you are—fears, love, things you want to show the world, maybe things you haven’t thought about in a while. 

7 Mindful Writing Prompts to Connect with Yourself

You can write this, you can say it aloud, you can think it quietly. It can even end up looking like a poem if you want. You can also explore these prompts simply as you pause throughout the day to take a deep breath. This is an opportunity to connect with yourself.

Finish the sentences.

1. I am…

2. I am not…

3. I come from…

4. I dream…

5. I fear…

6. I hope…

7. I love…

What Did You Notice?

I’m not a poet, but I’m going to share mine if you’re willing to read it.

1. I am a mama’s boy.

2. I am not a bad man.

3. I come from a challenging childhood and a loving family.

4. I dream of a world where everyone can be themselves without being judged because it doesn’t match what other people think you should be.

5. I fear not being able to speak my truth and having to pretend that I don’t have feelings.

6. I hope for a world where young men and boys learn that they can feel, that feelings are human. I hope for a world where young men and boys don’t have to pretend that they don’t have feelings because it’s not manly, it’s not tough, it’s not strong. I hope strength will be considered as showing your true feelings in a healthy way.

7. I love being able to get up every day and do what I feel I was born to do.

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