7 Things Mindful Families Do Differently

Busy schedules, digital devices, long commutes—all of this leads to families who are disconnected from each other as never before. Here are 7 ways mindfulness can strengthen your relationships, increase your well-being, and bring the family back together.

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As the world gets seemingly faster, it’s more important than ever to build the strength of presence within ourselves and in our families. Our culture is sensing this need and that is why we see an increasing amount of people in all sectors of life exploring ways to become more grounded through yoga, diet, and mindfulness. This yearning is making its way into our homes as many of us have searched for practices and experiences to slow down and bring more connection into our family life as well. 

In this article, we’ve distilled down a list of seven things that we have found that mindful families do differently to help inspire you and your family to live a loving, connected life.  An embedded and essential component woven into each of these is the quality of our presence with one another. It is the foundation for everything. 

7 Things Mindful Families Do Differently 1) Embrace Imperfection 

No matter how many books we read or how much we learn, we will never be “perfect” parents – none of us! Because we are both psychologists and mindfulness teachers it is often assumed that we must be “perfect” parents and honestly, it’s not the…