7 Ways for Leaders to Cultivate Self-Compassion

Compassion is the emerging paradigm of great leadership, writes Georgina Miranda—yet the most challenging part may be cultivating compassion for ourselves. Here she offers practical ways leaders can show themselves the same kindness they wish to show others.

Adobe Stock/Sylfida

A leader takes on the responsibility of looking after the success and well-being not only of an organization, but also of its people. The pandemic has heightened our awareness that the well-being of our team needs to be included in our measures of success, as it has exacerbated a mental health and burnout crisis. At the same time, the needs of others can quickly make it so that a leader’s self-care takes a backseat. Human nature is to work for change from the outside—to focus attention on shifting external factors rather than looking inward first. Yet, change is only possible and sustainable from the inside out. As leaders we have an opportunity to reconnect with our own humanity through a lens of compassion.

After nearly two decades of helping leaders around the world develop into conscious leaders, often while they guide their organizations through considerable change and transformation, I’ve seen that a critical characteristic of the most remarkable leaders is compassion, not only for others, but for themselves. Compassion can be a guiding force and light to get through the most challenging times. It can also create a powerful shift in organizational…