A Guided Meditation for Healing Through Hope

Embrace change, self-compassion, and hope with this guided mindfulness practice from Rose Felix Cratsley.

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Rose Felix Cratsley offers affirmations for self-compassion, embracing growth, and healing through hope. She says, “I think mindfulness is an essential and fundamental human right. We come into the world open and curious, but oftentimes self-judgment, criticism, fear, and anxiety come about.” 

A Meditation for Healing Through Hope

A Guided Meditation for Healing Through Hope with Rose Felix Catsley

  • 10:15
  1. Sit comfortably or lie down. You may keep your eyes open or closed. 
  2. Enjoy each breath as you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Gently honoring and celebrating our abundant and natural ability to breathe as we breathe in and breathe out, simply and gently. Honoring and celebrating our breath. Breathing in and breathing out, enjoying each breath as you breathe in exactly what you need in this moment. Strength, positivity, comfort. 
  3. With each out-breath, release any unpleasant sensations or feelings that don’t serve you. As we continue to breathe, honoring the rhythm of our own body and breath, allowing the motion of our mind to gently rest on the motion of our breath. May we nourish ourselves with hope. May we open our hearts and minds, plant seeds, and encourage others and ourselves to stay on the right path as we heal through hope. 
  4. Whenever you’re ready, please repeat these phrases: I make a conscious commitment to reclaim and restore my well-being. I will hold my heart with compassion, care, and love. I welcome hope. I welcome peace. I welcome joy. I will exercise self-care and practice gentle consistency with myself. I will exercise the understanding that this will arrive with its own rhythm and way. I will honor and celebrate my ancestors with reverence. I will challenge my own pain and suffering so I can experience joy and an abundance of love. I will move away from scarcity towards abundance. I will ignite my inner strength and power that is beyond compare. I resist all harmful and hateful experiences. I welcome space for contemplation and care. I will armor myself to exercise acceptance. I will embrace acceptance. I will heal my body, my mind, and my soul. Honoring each moment, each breath as a new opportunity to try again. Letting go of anger. Letting go of the worries and anxieties that sometimes consumes me. Choosing to let go of the pain that at times consumes me. I will honor my life. I will honor my journey. I will honor my pain. I will honor my suffering. I will honor my strength. I will honor my courage. I will honor my integrity. I will honor my abundance. Because I am worthy of love. I will open my heart to embrace love. As I continue on my path of healing through hope. Opening our hearts and minds, planting seeds, and encouraging ourselves and others to stay on path. 
  5. Through our greatest suffering can come our greatest transformation. Our pain and adversity can catapult our personal growth. Our true essence is forged and revealed through our pain and suffering. May we be shining suns of hope. May we, during these challenging times, have a smile and a warm embrace to share with our abundant, loving hearts and spirit, as bright as the sun, spread the light of hope. May we build a better world through the transformative power of hope. May we be bearers of hope. Healing through hope. Opening our hearts and minds. Planting seeds. Encouraging ourselves and others to stay on path. To heal and be well as we enjoy each breath with a smile, aligning our hearts, our minds, our hands, and our feet to embrace hope and to live with hope. 

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