A 12-Minute Meditation for Remembering That We Belong to Each Other

Ruth King guides us in a practice to explore the truth of our interconnectedness.

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Ruth King offers a guided meditation practice from her heart to yours. King is a teacher, author, founder of the Mindful of Race Institute, and featured in the August issue of Mindful magazine as one of the powerful women of the mindfulness movement. In this practice, she invites us to savor stillness and feel deeply into the ways our lives are interconnected. “May we remember that we belong to each other.”

A Practice to Remember That We Belong to Each Other

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A Practice to Remember That We Belong to Each Other

  1. Take a moment to turn inward and close your eyes. Settle in here. And just notice what’s happening, what your experience is like right now. 
  2. Perhaps there’s a sense of exuberance, tingling. Flickering. Maybe you feel a sense of heat or pulsing. Just allow the awareness to be there as you relax more into the body here and now. Perhaps noticing the experience of settling here. Relaxing into each exhale. Really taking your time to feel the release of the breath and the body. 
  3. Now, as you soften here, connect with the stillness in the body, connect with the stillness that surrounds you. Take your time here. Connect with the silence of the body and the silence that surrounds you. Soften with the breath, notice the movement of the breath and the stillness of the body. 
  4. May we see the world with quiet eyes. May we remember that we belong to each other. If I didn’t belong to you, I wouldn’t be here. If you didn’t belong to me, you wouldn’t have come. I am you and you are me, yet we forget this truth. 
  5. My liberation is tied to your liberation and your liberation is tied to my liberation. Your heart and my heart are very old friends. May we heal the seeds of separation inherited from our ancestors in gratitude for this life. And may our thoughts and actions be ceremonies of well-being in service to all of humanity. May we see the world with quiet eyes. 

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