A 12-Minute Meditation to Remind Yourself That You Are Enough

In this guided meditation, Jenée Johnson offers affirmations to help you remember your inherent worth and reconnect with compassion.

Adobe Stock/ Krakenimages.com

In our pursuit of happiness, excellence, and dare I say perfection, we can feel overwhelmed, unworthy, not up to the task, or not enough to meet the challenges of life. There is nothing like comparison and a diminished sense of worthiness to suck the joy out of your day. 

If you have a twenty dollar bill and you crumple it up, or it gets faded in the laundry, or passes through 50 to a 100 hands, at the end of the journey it’s still worth 20 dollars. It’s worth has not changed. It is not our experience that defines us, it’s our identity that defines us. You are a unique and perfect expression of life. No one before you and no one after you, is like you. Your journey is composed of experiences and the things you think, do, and pay attention to with consistency. You are enough.

In this practice, we will hold our attention on five affirmations that can help us be more compassionate toward ourselves. Try doing this in moments when you feel overwhelmed—breathing in, “I do my best,” breathing out, “I let go of the rest.” You can…