A 15-Minute Practice to Soften, Soothe, and Allow Difficult Emotions

By allowing ourselves to experience where tough emotions are present in the body, and opening up to them with love, we can cultivate a sense of peace and acceptance toward the imperfect nature of life.

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This meditation is called Soften, Soothe, and Allow. It will take about 15 minutes to complete. It’s designed for dealing with really difficult, disturbing emotions, so if you’re feeling something very difficult right now, this may be a good meditation for you. If you are feeling peaceful and happy, you might want to choose another meditation. 

Soften, Soothe, and Allow: A Practice for Difficult Emotions   A 15-Minute Practice to Soften, Soothe, and Allow Difficult Emotions With Kristin Neff 17:58 Be seated in a comfortable position, either on a chair or on a cushion. Make sure your back is upright yet relaxed, and that your head is relaxed as well, tilted slightly downward. Take a few deep breaths. Let out the tension that you’re experiencing right now. So in and out, three times. Let your breath return to normal, just noticing how your breath feels as it comes into and leaves your body. Notice where you feel the breath most strongly: Is it at your nostrils, your lungs, your abdomen? Think of the circumstance or situation that’s causing you a lot of emotional upset right now. It may be something you’re feeling about yourself,…