A Day for Dads

Whatever your plans for Father's Day, appreciation, memories, forgiveness, reflection, and simple kindness can all play a part.

Enjoy these Mindful selections about the challenges and rewards of parenting with awareness and compassion: 

Daughter Time: “The time of childhood is going to go fast,” says Rick Bass, author of Where the Sea Used to Be. “I’m doing what I can to slow it down. There’s still time for me to learn some of what they see and know and feel.”

Love's Legacy Lost: A child of one economic crisis, he died on the eve of another. His gift of love was economic security for his family. His son James Kullander reflects on his legacy.

Real People, Real Practice: Alex Tower Ewers & Patrick Ewers: An inspiring story of a real couple who has integrated mindfulness into their lives—starting with their impending journey into parenthood. 

Parenting Happily: As parents, we experience stress at various times during the day—whether during a hectic morning routine, a hurried bedtime ritual, or a silent drive to school. But mindfulness can help in many ways, says psychologist Raelynn Maloney. 

Photo © iStockPhoto.com/debibishop