A Guided Meditation to Deepen Our Intergenerational Resilience

Explore this practice to connect with the love and healing you’d like to send to future generations.

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For this practice we will be looking at compassionate descendant exploration. We will have an opportunity to feel into what kind of healing and resilience we want to send from our bodies to future generations of beings on this planet.

A Guided Meditation to Deepen Our Intergenerational Resilience   A Meditation to Deepen Intergenerational Resilience with Sará King 17:29 As always, the invitation is to come to a place that is going to be truly supportive to your practice. For some of you, that may be sitting down with your back supported by a chair or a sofa. For others, that may be lying down or even standing up, which if you’re feeling a little bit tired and you want a sense of being energized, could be a great option for you to explore.

We’re going to start by either closing the eyes or using what I call a “soft gaze,” which is looking at the ground with the eyelids halfway closed about two inches before the knees or the feet.
  The invitation is to take three deep breaths. When you’re finished taking those three deep breaths, you can return the breath to a natural cadence and rhythm. The invitation here…