A Mindful Approach to Failure

In this TED Talk, author and entrepreneur Leticia Gasca shares three lessons on how to fail mindfully.

Adobe Stock/Gajus

Everyone fails at some point. Whether it be in a relationship, at a new job, or even attempting to learn a new skill, like cooking. Yet despite how common failure is, we often do our best to hide it—and in doing so, we inadvertently lose our opportunity to grow from it.

In this TED Talk, Leticia Gasca, author and executive director of the Failure Institute, explains how approaching failure with mindfulness can help us become more resilient. 

Here are three lessons she shares on how to fail mindfully:

1. Everybody fails 

In her talk, Gasca recalls how after her first business failed, she didn’t talk about it for seven years.

“I felt so guilty that I decided to hide this failure from my conversations and my resume for years. I didn’t know other failed entrepreneurs, and I thought I was the only loser in the world,” she says.

Eventually, she decided to share her story with her friends—and was stunned to hear them describe similar tales of their own failure.

“I realized that sharing your failures makes you stronger, not weaker,” Gasca says. “And being open to my vulnerability helped…