A Mindful Fourth of July

If you’re American, today is your Independence Day: congrats on 237 years of nationhood! As this is a day of celebration, here are a few articles from Mindful.org on how to do it mindfully.

The Slow-Photography Movement: Today, you’ll want to capture the moment. Tim Wu explains the concept of ‘mindful photography’ in the digital age.

Awake in the Wild: Why sing ‘America the Beautiful,’ from your couch? Here are Mark Coleman’s tips for getting out and enjoying those for spacious skies, purple mountains and fruited plains.

The Folly of the Weather Forecast: It might be sunny. It might rain. Either way, Pico Iyer won’t be checking the forecast.

Wabi-Sabi: for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers: No celebration is without its flaws, but this is not a cause for grief explains Leonard Koren, in his piece about the beauty of imperfection.