A Q&A with Collaborative Leadership Facilitator Miki Kashtan

Changing the way we work requires open honesty, a cooperative spirit, a willingness to cede control—and, yes, a fearless heart, says Miki Kashtan.

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Stephanie Domet: What made Jessica Morey and iBme good candidates for the kind of transformational work you do with organizations?

Miki Kashtan: The utter willingness to learn, receive feedback, and be honest; the commitment to collaboration that is real and genuine, which means, in particular, the willingness to ultimately not be able to control the outcome; the capacity to engage with discomfort.

SD: The organization had almost complete staff turnover during the years-long process. What do you make of that?

MK: It’s not at all surprising to me that this happened, because the shift to fully collaborative functioning is a profound paradigm shift, and not everyone is ready for it. Sometimes “not ready” means not ready to make the commitment, and sometimes a person may have the commitment and the desire, and not the capacity to overcome reaction and stay engaged when the going gets tough.

I read that when Zappos decided to adopt the Reinventing Organizations form of functioning, they gave their employees the book and offered a severance package to anyone who wasn’t ready to make the shift with the company. My understanding is that 25%…


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