A Mindful Writing Practice for Those Who Like to Keep Doing

This freestyle mindfulness practice benefits mind and body—no meditation cushion required.

Debby Hudson/Unsplash

I’m writing this article in a state of meditation. And there’s no editing required (for the first round, anyway). How am I accomplishing this? And how could you join in the fun?

Follow these instructions to find out:

Set a timer for 30 minutes

Carve out some dedicated time for this practice. This is because the initial part of your writing is a bit of a detox—you’re releasing superfluous thoughts. And as time goes by, you’ll find your train of thoughts will begin to expand…with a bit of curiosity and experience!  

Keep your eyes closed

 If you’re able to touch-type at your computer keyboard, great. If that’s not possible for you, you might want to try this exercise on a notepad with a pen or pencil. But in that case, unless you’re some kind of writing genius, keep your eyes open.

At the end of every sentence, stop for a full in-breath and out-breath

Really. Every single full stop means: inhale and exhale. Try to bring feelings of warmth, kindness, and friendliness to each breath. Not so much thinking positive thoughts, but feeling that feeling you get when you look at a little cute puppy or baby. If you find…