How to Activate Your Inner Resources

Here are two guided exercises that explore the questions "What are inner resources and what is mindful living?" through the lens of practice.

whiteisthecolor/Adobe Stock

It’s not unusual to feel that the vital resources we need to live satisfying lives can be found in the outside world. This is certainly a constant trope for advertisers and marketers. Anyone who has experienced periods of depression or anxiety will also recognize the tendency to secure self-worth and wholeness through external gains and status. Few of us are immune to this siren song and when we let ourselves be guided to search externally we may overlook valuable capacities we already have. This video on cultivating inner resources for mindful living suggests what some of these capacities are and how they await our discovery through the simple act of paying attention.

What are inner resources and what is mindful living? Can inner resources be purchased? Or are they things that can be uncovered that are already inside ourselves. Watch the video to be guided through two exercises that explore these questions through the lens of practice and see what you discover.


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