Add Mindfulness to Your March Fitness Regime

A recent article in the Washington Post lists mindfulness as one of the key components to balanced fitness plan.

In an article entitled "The Checklist: Fitness and nutrition advice for March," Washington Post health blogger Jennifer LaRue Huget puts mindfulness on the list for beating your winter fitness lull. Along with practicing mindfulness, LaRue Huget also suggests signing up for a marathon, eating whole grains, getting your hands on some freshly in-season asparagus, and scouting out the most colorful vegetables for your dinner. Read the full descriptions of these health selections on the Washington Post website.

The good health news on mindfulness doesn't end there. A recent article from UMass Medical School reported that mindfulnessnot only leads to healthier patients, but also happier doctors.

The article reports that  the research of Ronald Epstein, MD has found that "as the benefits of mindfulness are increasingly recognized by patients coping with a variety of medical conditions, so too is the realization that being completely in touch with, and aware of, the present moment, as well as taking a non-evaluative and non-judgmental approach to one’s inner experience, can also help the doctors on whose care patients depend."