Am I Doing This Right: Walking Meditation

The latest installment in our ongoing series of helpful answers to common meditator questions.

There seem to be so many different types of meditation. How do I know if mindfulness is the right one?

Why does that question make me think of a newcomer to online dating asking “How will I know if he’s the one?” In that case I would say that a good clue will be how you feel when you are with him, and whether his personal grooming habits are up to your standards. In the case of mindfulness med- itation, it will be what you feel when you are practicing, what you are feeling between peri- ods of practice, what you have typically felt prior to meditat- ing, and your grooming habits probably don’t figure into this particular equation.

I’m not suggesting that “what you feel” equates to how you feel, but literally what you feel. The practice of mindfulness is about asking yourself “what” and not “how” or “why.” It’s about letting go of the story about practicing, about how you should feel a certain way (relaxed, enlight- ened, happy) or about trying

to analyze why you are feeling what you are feeling. Just what. Can you bring curiosity to your experience? Do you observe over time that you…

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