Ammi’s Adventures: A Guided Meditation for Kids

This engaging meditation uses the energy and imagery of the wind to foster inner connection and emotional regulation. Follow the guided practice and join your child on a mindful adventure.

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Welcome to the world of Ammi—a mindfulness adventure series for young children. Ammi is a wise and gentle child who leads the way as we explore ourselves and one another through the natural world. Each story uses guided imagery to inspire inner connection and support emotional regulation. These simple guided meditations with the wind recognize the importance of imagination as a foundation for conscious creation in the world. They bridge the physical, the energetic, the emotional, and all the spaces in between. Whether in the home or classroom, you can engage in these special practices with children of all ages. Read them aloud together, listen to the guided meditation, and welcome the time to process and integrate the practice.

Ammi’s Adventures: Wind

Art by Courtney Mandryk

Hi! I’m Ammi. My name means “the whole world is inside of me,” and I think it’s true: I carry the whole world in my mind and heart and body. I know you do, too! I like to play games, explore, and discover what makes me, me. I’m so glad we’re together on this journey! 

Have you ever thought about the wind? It is amazing.

It can bring a sudden gust of cold and make us shiver with goosebumps popping on our skin. Or, it can bring a constant warm breeze that gently hugs us with our guided meditation with the wind. 

Sometimes it makes sounds. Soft and light ones, like leaves dancing on their branches. Or loud and fast ones like whipping winds on the sea, whitecaps spraying their salty showers. 

The wind is powerful and always present. There is even wind inside us! Our breath is our wind. Most of the time we don’t think about breathing, it’s automatic. But when we do, it can change things. 

The wind is powerful and always present. There is even wind inside us! Our breath is our wind.

The wind can clear away what’s old to make room for the new. It can center us like a soothing lullaby. Or, it can awaken us, like a beating drum. Wind connects us to all of life. There is nothing and no one the wind can’t touch. 

Life is always speaking to us and the wind can help us to practice listening. There are so many ways to listen and so many things to listen to. 

A 3-Minute Guided Meditation With The Wind

A Guided Meditation with Ammi

  • 3:14
  1. Find a cozy place to sit or lay down. If you’re sitting, let your feet touch the floor and your back and head be supported. Connect to your wind by taking a few slow breaths. Do you feel the cool air coming into your nose when you breathe in, and the warm air leaving your mouth as you breathe out? 
  2. Bring the wind in and through you. As you breathe, let the wind open your body. Your ears open, your eyes open, your mouth opens, you sink more deeply into yourself. Your cells open and breathe. Your skin opens and breathes. You are listening. 
  3. Softly close your eyes and bring focus to your heart. Imagine there is a swing or a hammock or a cozy nook. Come to rest there in your heart hammock. Let yourself be held. Breathe your wind in and through your heart center. Your heart expands, growing from your chest, like light radiating out and around you. You are listening. 
  4. Slowly move down your body and connect to your lower belly. Rest your hands there, feeling their warmth. Imagine there is an ocean in your belly. Its calm turquoise water gently rolls in and out. Sit on the white sand and soak in the clear water. Absorb, splash, play in the tender tide as you breathe wind in and through your belly. You are listening. 
  5. Gently shift your attention into your legs. Follow your hips and thighs to your knees and imagine drawing circles on your kneecaps. Around and around. What color are your circles? Now draw a line from your knees to your calves and down to your feet. Pause at the bottoms of your feet and there in the center, draw more colorful circles. Breathe wind into those circles. You are listening. 

    Feel your whole being, listening with all that you are. When we listen we are receiving, we are welcoming, we are gathering. And then we get to choose and make our way. 

Life is alive and we are listening.

Love from you new friend, 

A Fun Mindfulness Practice with the Wind—for Anytime and Anywhere

Sometimes when we listen deeply we SEE.
Like when an image, picture, or color comes into our minds. 

Sometimes when we listen deeply, we HEAR.
Like when words or songs whisper just when we need them. 

Sometimes when we listen deeply we KNOW.
Like when someone walks by us and we know they are mad. 

Sometimes when we listen deeply we FEEL.
Like when we get sad when someone close to us is sad. 

Listening to the whispers…

Think about something or someone that feels hard for you right now. Close your eyes for a moment and take a big deep breath, connecting to your wind. See or sense that something or someone is out in front of you. Maybe as a picture, a color, or a feeling. As you continue your soothing breaths, send wind to what you see or sense and watch as the wind works. Sit for a moment and listen with your whole self for the whispers. They always come from deep inside. Trust yourself. You are love. 

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