Ammi’s Adventures: A Mindfulness Meditation for Kids

This engaging meditation uses the energy and imagery of roads to foster inner connection and emotional regulation. Follow the guided practice and join your child on a mindful adventure.


Welcome to the world of Ammi—a mindfulness adventure series for young children. Ammi is a wise and gentle child who leads the way as we explore ourselves and one another through the natural world. Each story uses guided imagery to inspire inner connection and support emotional regulation. These simple meditations recognize the importance of imagination as a foundation for conscious creation in the world. They bridge the physical, the energetic, the emotional, and all the spaces in between. Whether in the home or classroom, you can engage in these special practices with children of all ages. Read them aloud together, listen to the guided meditation, and welcome the time to process and integrate the practice.

Ammi’s Adventures: Roads

Art by Courtney Mandryk

Hi! I’m Ammi. My name means “the whole world is inside of me,” and I think it’s true: I carry the whole world in my mind and heart and body. I know you do, too! I like to play games, explore, and discover what makes me, me. I’m so glad we’re together on this journey!

Roads are things we travel on. We may travel by foot, or bicycle, wheel, roller skate, scooter, or by car. Of course there are also trains that follow a set track, planes that follow roads in the sky, boats that follow a path in the ocean, and even spaceships that follow tracks only an astronaut can see!

Roads can be made of anything. Dirt, concrete, bricks, rocks, shells. Even water, air, or stars. Roads lead us places. Sometimes we know where we are going and sometimes we are surprised by where we end up. Some paths are wide and wild, others are treacherous and tough, and some are calm and clear.

No matter what kind of road you are on, there are always signs along the way. The signs tell us where we are, how much longer it will take to arrive at our destination, and which way to turn. Signs help guide us so we don’t lose our way. Some are very obvious and others are almost camouflaged.

Some people say that life is like one big road…but where does it lead? I have an idea. Let’s explore some new roads together.

A 4-Minute Meditation for Kids to Follow Your Own Path

Ammi’s Adventures: Following Our Roads

  • 4:11
  1. Begin by walking in place. If you’re already seated, imagine walking. Take a few steps quickly or slowly, like you are walking down a road. Now pause and let your feet ground into the floor, like glue, your feet rest heavily and your whole body centers. Your head, chest, and belly are like building blocks stacked on top of each other. Take a few breaths, feeling your chest and belly expand when you breathe in and relax when you breathe out. Moving meaningfully, sit or lay down and softly close your eyes.
  1. Rest your attention gently in the center of your head, your imagining mind. Notice all the roads that appear, all the places you can travel from here. Follow a path down toward your heart. What does the road look like? A beam of light, a water slide, a paved road, or something else entirely yours? When you see the path, follow it down into your chest—fly, slide, walk—and when you arrive at your heart take another inhale and exhale. Now look around your heart for signs. Maybe a color, a sensation, a picture or a person. Remember, we are noticing, welcoming, getting to know ourselves.
  1. Follow another road, from your heart to your low belly. What does the road look like? A highway, a lake, a sandy path, or something else? When you see your road, travel on it—zoom, row, dance! When you reach your belly, breathe deeply once or twice to feel into this new place, then look around for signs. Colors, sensations, pictures, or people. What do you see or sense? What gift is there for you to discover?
  1. Before we return to where we began, notice what other roads are calling you. Do you want to swim down to your feet, take a rocket ship up to your core, or just float all over your body? Take whatever path calls to you and when you feel complete, for now, journey back to the center of your head. You might be moving super fast or super slow on your roads. You might be noticing all the sights and sounds along the way, or you might be resting in one spot, absorbing all the wonder.
  1. When you arrive back to the center of your head, take a breath of gratitude for the adventure. You just traveled deep and wide on roads inside of you!

There are so many roads. Inside, outside, all around. There are millions of paths to choose. Like a gift waiting to be unwrapped, each road is an invitation to get to know yourself better. Follow the signs. With practice you will know the ones that are helpful. Remember, all roads guide you home.

Love from your new friend, Ammi.

How to Follow Your Own Path

A little more: Let’s play a game! Think about a question you have, something you are curious about or wonder about life, about something important. Then take some deep breaths, close your eyes and bring your focus into the center of your head, your imagining mind. The place where all things exist. Imagine a door out in front of you. What does your door look like? When you’re ready, open the door and as you begin to walk through, notice how the road appears and brings you signs. Where does the road lead? What gifts or information is shared? Be there on your road taking in what is available and becoming clear to you. When you feel complete, say thank you, close the door behind you, and bring your focus back to the center of your head. You followed the road to your own wisdom.

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