Announcing “Creating a Mindful Society”

Registration opens for landmark gathering of mindfulness community, Sept 30–Oct 1, 2011., The Center for Mindfulness, and Omega Institute have announced a first-of-its-kind conference. Designed specifically for those interested in the integration of mindfulness and its increasingly documented benefits into American life, Creating a Mindful Society will be open to the public and held at the New York Society for Ethical Culture, on Central Park West in New York City, September 30–October 1.

Four keynote speakers will be present to discuss mindfulness as it applies to society and the individual, based on their specific areas of expertise. Speakers include Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction founder Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D. on “The Transformative Power of Mindfulness in America and the World”; neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson of the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds on how to “Change Your Brain by Transforming Your Mind”; Janice Marturano of the Institute for Mindful Leadership on “Finding the Space to Lead,” and Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan (D), on why the United States must investigate becoming “A Mindful Nation”—and how doing so could benefit our educational and health care systems, national defense, the environment, and the economy.

At Creating a Mindful Society, members of the burgeoning mindfulness community will come together, from across many fields, to network and explore the future of the mindfulness movement while sharing a relaxed, contemplative atmosphere. The connections made will find their culmination in the conference’s closing event, a “Mindfulness Town Hall.”

Three breakout sessions will also be offered to help participants to go deeper into their areas of interest. In “The Healing Power of Mindfulness,” UMass Center for Mindfulness Director (and Kabat-Zinn colleague) Saki Santorelli will explore the intersection of mindfulness and twenty-first century health care. In “Mindfulness & Contemplative Education,” Daniel P. Barbezat, PhD, and Patricia (Tish) Jennings, MEd, PhD will look at techniques and practices for bringing mindfulness into the classroom. Finally, in “The Heart of Mindfulness, Barry Boyce, editor of, and the new book The Mindfulness Revolution, will guide participants, with the help of leading teachers, in the basics of mindfulness and mindful living.