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Building a Mindful Community with JG Larochette 

In this week’s episode, JG Larochette, founder of the Mindful Life Project, sits down with Mindful managing editor, Stephanie Domet and shares his transformative encounter with mindfulness. Larochette shares his experience with bringing mindfulness into the classroom and the healing effect it had, not only on his students, but on… Read More 

  • Abby Spanier
  • September 23, 2021

Liberating Masculinity with Edward M. Adams and Ed Frauenheim 

In this week’s episode we learn from experts about empowering men through a courageously expansive and compassionate vision of what it means to be a man. Mindful senior editor Amber Tucker speaks with Edward M. Adams and Ed Frauenheim, authors of Reinventing Masculinity: The Liberating Power of Compassion and Connection. Read More 

  • Abby Spanier
  • September 9, 2021

12 Minute Meditation: A 4-7-8 Breath Practice with Ni-Cheng Liang 

This week, Ni-Cheng Liang leads us in a 4-7-8 breath practice to release stagnant air and find calm. Ni-Cheng is a pulmonary physician, podcast host, and mindfulness teacher. In the early days of the pandemic, she recruited eight medical colleagues from across the United States to create the Mindful Healthcare… Read More 

  • Abby Spanier
  • September 2, 2021


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