Soft Belly Breathing Practice

Experience a grounded sense of ease and safety by relaxing deeply from your center.

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In this practice, somatic awareness and yoga teacher Jillian Pransky teaches us how to soften the belly through guided breathing. By creating the space for breath to flow more freely, we also open to the deep insight and wisdom available when we just slow down and … listen.

Explore the Soft Belly Breathing Practice   Soft Belly Breathing Practice 5:06 Sit in a comfortable position on the floor or in a chair. Close your eyes, if you wish. Take a few long breaths. Inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.Let your body land on the ground. Let your breath arrive in your body. As your breath flows in, feel it move down into your belly. As your breath flows out, let your belly be effortless.On your inhale, think, “soft,” allowing your belly to receive your breath. On the out breath, think, “belly,” letting go of any holding and resistance. Inhale, “soft.” Exhale, “belly.”Each inhale, imagine your belly being cared for by the breath. Each exhale, let the breath loosen any solidity. Let your breath make room. Let thoughts, emotions, sensations rise and fall in and out of a spacious belly. Since our belly is our emotional center, when we soften…