Break the Cycle of Stress and Social Media: Learn a 3-step process that builds healthy habits

A workshop and Q&A with Dr. Jud Brewer.

Faced with uncertainty, an overabundance of information (and misinformation), among other challenges, our minds struggle to keep up. Our brains default to old survival mechanisms to help us deal with anxiety, which can lead to the development of unhealthy coping habits such as “doomscrolling” or spending too much time on social media.

Drawing on his clinical work, neuroscience research studies, and development of next-generation digital therapeutics for anxiety habit change, Dr. Brewer explores the underlying behavioral and neurobiological mechanisms behind anxiety and habit formation.

Watch the video:

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Guided Meditations

A collection of guided meditations from Dr. Jud Brewer to tame feelings of anxiety and unhook from habit loops.

A 4-Minute Meditation to Work with Anxiety

Please feel free to download this meditation.

Train Your Brain to Break Bad Habits

In this 4-part series, you’ll learn more about how your mind works and how to work with your mind by bringing awareness to your habits.

Session #1: Hack Your Brain’s Habit Loops

Hacking Your Brain’s Habit Loops

  • 9:39

Session #2: Rewire Your Food Cravings and Triggers

Rewire Your Food Cravings and Triggers

  • 8:21

Session #3: Unhook From Your Phone Addiction

Unhook From Your Phone Addiction

  • 8:15

Session #4: Tame Your Feelings of Anxiety

Tame Your Feelings of Anxiety

  • 11:00


More reading and guidance from Dr. Jud Brewer.

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