Building Your Capacity to Navigate Difficulty

A 16-minute mindfulness practice from Rich Fernandez on honing our capacity to shift, take perspective, and be in wise relationship with our difficulties.

Honing our capacity to shift, to take perspective, in some ways, to subtract ourselves from our experiences helps us be in wise relationship with our difficulties.

Hello, I’m Rich, and I run a non-profit called the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI). We focus on offering mindfulness and emotional intelligence tools to communities and organizations around the world. I’m so happy to be joining you this week. This is our fourth module on the theme of living with meaning, purpose and resilience. 

Resilience, simply defined, is being able to bounce back from adversity. It’s our ability to meet the challenges that arise, bounce back, find our footing, and navigate effectively. It’s not about stopping all challenges in life because that would be impossible. Stress and difficulties arise in our lives all the time. It’s a question of how we meet those challenges, how we navigate through them and work with them. 

So I’d like to offer some tools and a meditation around this. And again, this is part of a larger series on defining meaning, purpose, and, now, resilience. I like to offer resilience as the last piece because in the course of this journey to being our best, to…


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About the author

Rich Fernandez

Rich Fernandez is the CEO of Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI). He was previously the director of executive education and people development at Google, where he was also one of the first SIY teachers. Rich previously co-founded Wisdom Labs and has also served in senior roles at eBay, J.P. Morgan Chase and Bank of America.