Building Your Mental Muscles with Mindfulness

Trudy Goodman, founder of InsightLA, gives her take on mindfulness meditation on the PBS NewsHour series "Brief but Spectacular."

bst2012/Dollar Photo Club

InsightLA founder Trudy Goodman was featured on PBS NewsHour recently as part of their weekly “Brief but Spectacular” series. In the video above, Goodman gives a short take on mindfulness meditation. In particular, she talks about the practice of bringing attention to the present moment:

“It’s like building muscle with repetitions at the gym. Each moment that we do this, each moment that we are here for it and staying with it builds the strength to endure moments that we might not have any choice about enduring. We become aware that we’re operating through this frame of expectation and comparing what is to what should be and the awareness of that itself seems to polish and clean the lens.”