Call for participants: smartphone experience and mindfulness study

Do you have a smartphone with a data plan? Do you practice mindfulness regularly? You could be a candidate for a study tracking everyday desires.  

The Center for Decision Research at the Univeristy of Chicago's Booth School of Business is conducting a study looking at how we regulate desires in everyday life. 

The purpose of the study is "to better understand how people experience everyday desires, how they enjoy their desires, and how they deal with these desires when they threaten to conflict with goals and plans" with a focus on how mindfulness may positively influence experiences of desires or cravings and their control in everyday life.

The "Tracking Desires Study" is in its sampling phase, meaning the team is looking for participants. Consider yourself a potential candidate if you:

  • own a smartphone with a data plan and carry it with you on a regular basis
  • practice mindulness regularly
  • live in the United States or Canada and are over the age of 18

You can contact the research team via email at [email protected]. There is compensation as well. 

For the full details, including what participants will be asked to do, you can read the study outline here

09/11/12 updated 10/18/12

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