Calm Your Mind and Boost Your Creativity with Adult Coloring Books

A new breed of coloring books are designed to give stressed-out grown-ups a mini-meditative experience.

No longer are coloring books just for kids—they have expanded into a wonderful way to boost adult creativity and help improve mental health. The company Michael O’Mara has created a line of beautiful, intricate, and wildly successful adult coloring books, which dominated Amazon’s bestseller list this summer. In June, Quartz reported that adult coloring books, ranging from enchanted forests to animal themes, were taking US and UK Amazon by storm.

These coloring books aren’t just for fun—they offer users an experience of “flow,” a mental state in which one becomes so immersed in an experience that time and space and self no longer disrupt the present moment.

These coloring books offer themes ranging from lush forest scenes to kaleidoscope patterns and classic comics.The books are a relaxing and creative way to be in the moment, where your biggest problem is trying to remember where you left your pencil sharpener.

There are a variety of different coloring books to choose from, but if you’re looking for a place to start there are several books specifically designed with mindfulness and anti-stress in mind. Check out this book from illustrator Emma Farrarons called The Mindfulness Coloring Book: Anti-stress Art Therapy for Busy People.