Can Mindfulness Contribute to a Company’s Bottom Line? (video)

Companies are integrating meditation and mindfulness into the workplace. Employees are feeling the benefits, and so is the bottom line. 

We all know how stress affects our lives, but we are just beginning to find out how it affects the places we work and the bottom line.

The World Health Organization reported that stress costs American businesses about $300 billion per year. Are we at a turning point? If so, it appears CEO’s have an opportunity to lead the way.

As Vice president of General Mills, Deputy General Counsel, Janice Marturano was able to harness an opportunity to get employees meditating. As she explains to Huffington Post Live host Alicia Menedez, the results were suprising, even with a brief daily practice.

“We are starting with maybe a 10 or 15-minute sitting practice in the morning, but all through our day, we’re learning to take purposeful pauses,” she says. “Once you start to become aware of the sensations of your breath and your body, for example, when I’m sitting in a conference room and now my mind goes off to my three o’clock meeting in the afternoon instead of listening to what I have to listen to here, I can more readily begin to realize when my mind takes a hike and most importantly I know how to…