CIIS announces Certificate in Mindfulness and Compassion in Psychotherapy

CIIS Public Programs & Performances, a part of the university California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, has launched a new eight-month program featuring leaders in the application of mindfulness and compassion to psychotherapy.

Mindfulness and compassion have been practiced in a number of contemplative traditions for more than 2,000 years. Psychotherapy has recently discovered the power of these practices, which have been scrutinized by researchers in neuroscience and applied in a variety of creative ways.

This program is specifically designed to develop inner presence as a psychotherapist and teach specific skills and interventions to deepen and broaden the therapeutic encounter. The skills developed include strengthening moment-to-moment awareness, developing therapeutic presence, empathy, deep listening, and compassion.

This course of study has a threefold focus:

  1. Internal development as a therapist using mindfulness and compassion exercises and practices
  2. Knowledge of the most current applications of mindfulness to therapy practice
  3. Skills development using these applications

The curriculum includes a variety of internal mindfulness and compassion practices; the application of mindfulness to psychodynamic psychotherapy, to emotional regulation, and to specific populations such as clients with problems related to depression, anxiety, stress, or trauma; working with dreams, families and couples; and the application of mindfulness to eating disorders.

The historical and neuroscience aspects are explored as well. Leading representatives of the major theoretical orientations using mindfulness present their knowledge and skills. Instructors will include Sylvia Boorstein, Ken Bradford, Rob Fisher and Phillippe Goldin.

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