Conference: Meditation Research

Advances in meditation research—neuroscience and clinical applications—will be discussed at a conference taking place in New York on January 17. Register now!

The meeting, which features keynote speakers Cliff Saron and Susan Bauer-Wu, will address:

  • Emerging scientific understanding of the effects of meditation on biomarkers of stress
  • How meditation is linked to neural correlates of mind, emotions, and indices of biological aging
  • How research-practictioners of meditation are probing mind and consciousness
  • Commonalities and differences between meditation practices from different traditions
  • How meditation is being applied in diverse clinical contexts and the future direction of the filed to address the challenges of healthcare

It all takes place at the New York Academy of Sciences at the World Trade Center. To download a PDF of the agenda or to register (special rates available until December 7), visit Advances in Meditation Research: Neuroscience and Clinical Applications.