Create a Mindful Business, Gain the Skills to Succeed

Creating the space for mindful reflection at work fosters the skills that are considered highly critical in the business world in order to be successful. Stock

Digital Mindfulness Podcast: Creating a Mindful Business. Lawrence Ampofo, a thought leader on the impact of digital technologies on humans and society, interviews Joe Burton, CEO of, Jim Gimian, co-Founder of Mindful Magazine and, and Erick Randolph, producer of the Mindful Business Conference in New York.

Here’s an excerpt of their conversation on the importance of cultivating mindfulness at work:

Lawrence Ampofo: Lay people are kind of afraid of mindfulness and the whole culture behind mindfulness. And a lot of people are really afraid of the fact that it’s going to take a lot of their time to get into a practice. I’m wondering if you could share, why is mindfulness, especially for professionals, an important practice to cultivate?

Joe Burton: I had the exact same fears as someone who’s spent his entire career working inside a public company. I was very concerned that mindfulness, and getting into a meditation practice, was sort of “hippie-dippy,” or would somehow cause me to lose my edge. And what I found was the exact opposite. For me, it was really the science of mindfulness and the data behind all of the…