Creating Space for Compassion

Sara Lomax-Reese is trailblazing with innovative ways for people of color to express themselves and be heard.

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Sara Lomax-Reese is the CEO of one of the few Black-owned radio stations in Pennsylvania, WURD Radio, and while she is often regarded as a self-assured trailblazer, she is quick to share that that hasn’t always been the case.

“As I was graduating from college, they had an opening at an annual Black history publication. Even though I didn’t really know that much about what I was doing, it was an incredible opportunity to just learn the mechanics of putting a publication together. So, it’s been a bit of a random journey.”

Though Lomax- Reese might label her journey “random,” it’s clear that her commitment to her community has served as a compass.

Creating Space for Compassion

“My mission is to create a space where our voices can be heard authentically, and consistently. Everything I do at WURD is to create a place where we can be who we are in all of our diversity, all of our complexity, all of our excellence, and even all of our mediocrity. All of our voices deserve to be honored and heard.”

While Lomax-Reese works to create space in media for people of color to be heard, she is looking to create that space in mindfulness as well, as co-creator of the People of Color meditation group, which meets on the second Sunday of each month from September to June.

“My mission is to create a space where our voices can be heard authentically, and consistently.”

Sara Lomax-Reese

“There are so many spaces that have not welcomed Black and brown people, some of which includes the yoga and meditation world, and it can cause some to feel as though it’s not for them. I’m encouraged that Black and brown, younger people are owning these spaces and creating these spaces and saying, ‘Not only are these for me, but these are also exclusively for me. I’m creating my own universe specifically for Black and brown people.’”

And for anyone hesitant about speaking out and making their voice heard, Lomax-Reese shares a piece of advice she lives by.

“There’s a quote by Marianne Williamson that goes, ‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.’ Who are we to not embrace how great we are or to play ourselves small? The work is to be your biggest and best self, because that’s what the world needs. So take care of yourself and cultivate that inner fire, and encourage that inner compassion.”