Daniel Goleman: New Insights on Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman on his new e-book, The Brain and Emotional Intelligence: New Insights.

This week, Daniel Goleman, pyschologist and bestselling author of Emotional Intelligence and Healing Emotions, sat down with Management Consulting News for an interview on his new e-book, The Brain and Emotional Intelligence: New Insights

You can listen Daniel Goleman's conversation in this podcast. Goleman talks about the themes in his new book, including new brain-based research on emotional intelligence and how those findings can be applied on a practical level to professional and personal relationships.

In particular, Goleman talks about how to bring elements of emotional intelligence into daily life. His suggestion? Concentration can only be maintained if we put effort into noticing what the mind is up to. In other words—and in no terms we are unfamiliar with—cultivating awareness of the present moment. He says:

"Pay more attention, monitor yourself. Are you distracted now? Are you paying full attention, because it turns out the basis of emotional intelligence is this capacity to be aware of what we're doing and how we're doing and to make a mid-course correction. So, when it comes to managing your distressing emotions, you've got to know you're having them, otherwise they're going to highjack you before you know it." 

Goleman mentions how mindfulness is one practice that can be used to harness this ability to tune in to thoughts and feelings. 


Photo © flickr.com/peretzpup