Be an Explorer

When you approach difficult feelings with curiosity, you lessen their power over you.
by Patricia Rockman, MD

Tame Feelings of Shame with this 10-Minute Practice

  • 10:45

A Meditation for Opening the Heart

Connecting to a deeper well of love and compassion helps shift difficult emotions like anger into something beneficial for yourself and for everyone you come in contact with. 
by Sharon Salzberg

A Meditation for Opening the Heart

  • 15:49

Breathing Practices to Calm Anxiety

Calm anxiety and begin to tune into your deeper intuition with these two simple practices taught by singer-songwriter Jewel. 

Get Started With Mindfulness

Get expert instruction and inspiration for living a more mindful life with Mindful’s special edition series:

Vol. 1: Be Happier, Feel Healthier Everyday

Vol 2: 99 Ways to Live a Mindful Life

Vol 3: Your Guide to a Peaceful Mind

Vol 4: Healthy Mind, Healthy Life

Vol. 5: Your Guide to Difficult Emotions

Vol. 6: Peaceful Mind, Healthy Body