Do Swearing and Mindfulness Mix?

Keep up with the latest in mindfulness.

Internet: Good for Your Well-being?

Could it be that young’uns chuckling at Reddit posts and using Snapchat to send selfies have got something to teach older folks about hap- piness? Perhaps.

A recent study out of Israel looked at the impact of Internet use among different age groups and found—no surprise here— higher levels of satisfac- tion among the younger set. We’ve known for years about the digital divide: Worldwide, people over
60 participate least in the information society. But that’s not the whole story, the study’s authors con- clude: After controlling for socio-demographic variables, sociability, and health conditions, those in the older group who do use the Internet see an overall increase in life satisfaction.

Micro-RVing: The Next Small Thing

Meet Paul Elkins, an innovator who’s designed a cheap, prac- tical mini-camper for those who want to enjoy the outdoors without breaking the bank or hurting the environment. Elkins spent $150 to build a light, bicycle-pulled camper that affords some of the comforts of home, without much of the baggage. Who buys his blueprints? “Most of these people seem pro- gressive, compassionate, and mindful of their environmental footprint,” he says. “But some are just trying to get by.”

Changing Our…