Evolutionist David Sloan Wilson lecturing at Stanford

Professor David Sloan Wilson will be the next presenter in CCARE's Meng Wu Lecture Series. The lecture will take place at Stanford University on Dec. 8.

David Sloan Wilson—SUNY distinguished professor, Departments of Biology and Anthropology at Birmingham University—will be presenting a lecture entitled "Compassion and Altruism in an Integrated Evolutionary Perspective" on Dec. 8 at Stanford University. The lecture is part of the Meng Wu Lecture Series presented by the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE).

David Sloan Wilson describes himself as an evolutionist who studies all aspects of humanity in addition to the biological world. He manages a number of programs designed to expand the influence of evolutionary theory in higher education, public policy, community-based research and religion. Click here to read his full biography.

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The Meng-Wu Lecture Series is named after Tan Chade-Meng and Wayne Wu, two of the founding benefactors of Project Compassion.