Executives Continue to Embrace Mindfulness

A recent Financial Times article outlines how executives are starting to practice mindfulness, some even bringing meditation into their companies. 

Over the past decade, mindfulness has been making its mark on business and leadership, first with the quiet incorporation of meditation into Google and General Mills—and now into high finance.

Financial Times finds that the refrain is the same among these leaders: meditation is not a wonky practice, it’s integral to focusing and making decisions.

So, if executives in high places are embracing meditation instead of raising their eyebrows at it, what are some of the hurdles? Perhaps not suprisingly, time constraints. From the article:

Others, such as Philipp Hildebrand, vice-chairman of BlackRock and a former head of the Swiss National Bank, who has meditated for seven years, slot it into their schedules when they can – in aeroplanes or while being chauffeured between meetings. “In a world of screens, texts, cell phones, information all over you, spending 20 minutes purposefully not thinking of anything is a wonderful thing,” he says. “It’s a pause that refreshes. In some ways in the financial world, it is a must.”

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