Find Your Loving-Kindness Phrases

Chris Germer leads you through a guided meditation designed to help you discover loving-kindness and compassion phrases that are deeply meaningful to you.

Crazy nook/Adobe Stock

This is a informal practice called finding loving-kindness phrases, which offers guidance for finding phrases that you might like to repeat again and again in meditation.

It is a pen and paper exercise. So we will be closing our eyes, doing a little reflection: opening our eyes, writing, closing our eyes, opening our eyes, writing and then closing your eyes again, and practicing with the phrases that we learned. So before we start, please make sure that you have a pen and paper available.

Explore This Guided Meditation   Find Your Loving-Kindness Phrases 23:03 When you’re ready, find a comfortable position. Gently closing your eyes and put a hand over your heart or elsewhere, some other comforting place perhaps. Just feel your body gently breathe. Perhaps even feeling your breath gently caresses you from the inside. And then taking a moment to allow your heart to gently open, to become receptive. Perhaps imagining imagining that there is a flower bud in your heart region, and then as if with time-lapse photography, allowing that bud to open as a flower opens in the warm sun. Allowing your heart to open and to be receptive, ask yourself the following…