For Teens: Resolve to Reduce Back-to-School Stress

Gina Biegel presents 10 mindful tips for minimizing school stress for teens. 

As each New Year approaches people often think about and make decisions around things they want to change. However, these changes often come to the forefront of your mind with a sense of impending doom.

The resolutions may fade away as time marches on because the list of “to do’s” or “to don’ts” is either too long or unreachable. For example the goal itself might be just too big, “lose 50 pounds” or “get straight A’s.” Even if you get somewhere on that continuum that it could still feel like you’ve failed. If you set up your new year to be a failure, how can you actually feel success or a sense of accomplishment for any gains you make?

Now that the year is in full swing, you may have made some already that are already slipping. No bother. It’s a good time to make some resolutions that don’t stress you out. That can actually help you decrease your stress. And school is a good place to start, since that’s where a lot of stress seems to happen. Here’s a list that might help you reduce school-related stress.

10 Mindful Tips for Minimizing School Stress for Teens

1. Get organized.…