For What it’s Worth

Answers from our reader survey on money.

What’s your top priority with money?

• “Paying off student loans.”

• “The ability to spend freely and not worry!”

• “Living well and not outliving our money.”

• “Investing to make my house sustainable.”

• “I don’t have money priorities.”

What’s the main thing you have saved up for in the past?

32% of respondents said”buying a home,” while 27% saved the most for travel. Paying for their own or their children’s education was top for 22%. Another 15% saved up for things like their wedding, retirement, or studio equipment, and 4% saved for a major gift for a loved one.

What’s your attitude around money?


How would you rather pay: cash or card?


Would you be more content in your job if you made more money?

40% say yes, they’d be happier making more money. For 17%, they’d have to feel they earned it, and 26% say it wouldn’t make a difference to them. The last 17% say it’s not applicable.

What’s the main thing you’re OK with spending a lot of money on?

• “Paying off the mortgage.”

• “Durable, essential items, such as appliances.”

• “I prefer not to spend a lot of money on anything.”

• “Continuing education.”

• “Healthy, quality food.”

• “Self-care.”

How do you feel about gift cards as presents?


Money can’t buy happiness: For the most part, this is …


Is it possible to use money mindfully?


Imagine that society is no longer controlled by economic factors. What happens?

Most respondents are optimistic about this idea, with 38% believing society would become more equal and just, while a mere 2% feel things would fall into chaos. To 7%, it’s likely that the value of goods and services would be unclear—and 53% say we’d have to redefine what “value” really means.

You won the lottery jackpot! What do you do with your winnings?

42% would keep their family financially comfortable, and 8% would support a charity or cause. A modest 13% would quit their jobs to follow their dreams. A lottery win would funnel into debt repayment for 24%. The last 13% would divide their winnings between these goals.