Forbes: Recognize Work Stress But Don’t React

A recent post looks at what stress costs businesses and employees, and suggests three mindfulness practices to reduce stress at work. 

“When you’re dealing with repercussions from the latest head-office mistake, outwardly calm and cheerful but inwardly seething, you’re depleting your mental and emotional resources,” Sebastian Bailey wrote in a recent post on

Bailey mentions a statistic that is gaining traction among those talking about the impact of stress on the workforce: the World Health Organization estimates that American businesses lose $300 billion annually due to stress.

That statistic was mentioned recently in a Huffington Post Live conversation with Janice Marturano, founder of the Institute for Mindful Leadership and former VP of General Mills, Depty Counsel. That WHO statistic is also part of a growing conversation about how compassion and slowing down might actually make business leaders more effective.

The Forbes post ends with three classic practices for trying out mindfulness: the body scan, mindfulness meditation, and creating mindful breaks. Read them here.